Cranberry and Almond ‘Muesli’

Cranberry and almond muesli

The shortage of products on supermarket shelves during coronavirus lockdown is influencing people to make some of their favourite foods from scratch, such as bread, pasta, baked beans and cakes. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a healthy breakfast cereal after seeing Cranberry and Almond Muesli in the Hairy Dieters’ first book.

The verdict…. well, this isn’t as tasty as popular supermarket cereals, but as this recipe isn’t loaded with sugar it’s much, much healthier. The Hairy Dieters suggest adding some fresh fruit, I didn’t have any to hand, but it would have given this a lift. I opted for a dollop of fat-free natural yoghurt on mine rather than milk.

Recipe: Cranberry and Almond Muesli

Calories: 195 calories per portion (without milk), 241 calories per portion (with 100ml semi-skimmed milk)

Serves: 4

Book: Hairy Dieters – How to Love Food and Lose Weight

Prep time: None

Cooking time: Approx 5 minutes

Ingredients: Makes 12 servings: 50g flaked almonds, 300g jumbo porridge oats, 75g unsweetened puff rice, 100g mixed dried fruit, 100g dried cranberries or sour cherries, semi-skimmed milk or low-fat natural yoghurt (to serve), assorted fresh berries (optional)

Cost per portion: Approx £0.31

Method: Place a large non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, add the almonds and toast them for 3-5 minutes, turning occasionally. Keep a careful eye on them so they don’t burn. Tip the nuts into a large mixing bowl and allow them to cool slightly.

Pour the oats and puffed rice into a large rubber-sealed jar or plastic food container. Add the toasted almonds, mixed dried fruit and cranberries or sour cherries and mix everything together well.

Enjoy a 50g portion of the muesli for breakfast with semi-skimmed milk or low-fat natural yoghurt and some fresh berries if you like.


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