Gammon and Pineapple Stir Fry

Gammon in a stir fry? Wonders never cease

I had some gammon leftover after making campfire stew and was scratching my head as to what to do with it. After doing some digging online, I stumbled across Gammon and Pineapple Stir Fry on the Diabetes UK website.

I wouldn’t associate gammon with a stir-fry, or being suitable for people with diabetes, but at only 174 calories per serving, and 6.4g of fat, 8.3g of sugars and 1.80g of salt, this fits the brief for a quick and healthy meal that is suitable for all. As for the taste, I loved it, mainly because I’m OCD about food waste and we had all of the ingredients to hand. On the other hand my wife was non-plussed, which I guess means we’re not having it again ;-).

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Campfire Stew

Try making this around a camp fire, I dare you

Requiring approximately 20 ingredients, Campfire Stew from Pinch of Nom is a meal that you’ll never make over a campfire. But sarcasm aside, this is one hell of a pot full that can be made in the oven, a slow cooker or a pressure cooker. Below is the oven method (which can take up to 3 hours), but you’ll find the other methods in Pinch of Nom’s debut book.

Some of you might better know this dish as ‘Cowboy Stew’. Whatever you call it, it’s not one you forget because there is literally something in this meal for everyone. The melt in your mouth gammon, the beans, the varieties of vegetables and the subtle spices. An absolute feast, and all for just over 400 calories. Once all the ingredients are in a casserole dish, all you need to do is check every 30 minutes or so to make sure it isn’t drying out and give things a stir, but mine contained plenty of liquid at the end of the cooking time.

You rarely see gammon based recipes in healthy eating cookbooks, so Campfire Stew made for a welcome and satisfying change. If you want an alternative gammon recipe, check out gammon with parsley sauce, which was too random for me but you might like it.

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Gammon with parsley sauce


Gammon with parsley sauce is perhaps one of the Hairy Dieters’ least inspiring dishes from their six healthy eating cookbooks. It’s supposedly a low-fat take on a ‘classic dish’, although the only ‘classic’ gammon dish I’m familiar with involves a pineapple ring,  a fried egg and some chips on the side which naturally isn’t compatible with a trim waistline.

‘So why are you featuring this on your blog then?’. Hmm, fair point. Well, three reasons. I’ve got a new phone with a camera that actually works so I was eager to try it out. I picked up a pack of smoked gammon steaks that were on Tesco’s three for £10 meat offer, and I was pushed for time and wanted to have tea on the table inside 20 minutes on a busy week night.

If you like gammon, if you want to remain on track for your diet and want a meat-based alternative to chicken, pork or beef etc without having to faff about in the kitchen, then this ‘recipe’ does the job. I’m not overly convinced by what purpose the parsley sauce serves. It was ok, if a tad watery, so I probably could have done with adding some more cornflour to thicken it up.

If you’re sensible with your potato and vegetable accompaniment, this meal should come in at under 500 calories. Why not use the leftover parsley to have a crack at making Menemen for breakfast / brunch and the green beans for Smoked Trout Salad for lunch? You won’t be disappointed. I’ll provide some more creative recipes soon. Continue reading “Gammon with parsley sauce”