Food Diary

Monday 28th September 202016st 4 ounces

I’ve been toying with the idea of keeping a food diary for a while, however the scales haven’t been kind enough to give me the courage to post something in public. But having passed the 16 stone barrier for the first time ever (or 16 stone and 4 ounces, to be precise), I have decided to shame myself into finally doing something.

As much as I’ve enjoyed my blog’s rise in popularity over the last six months, being marooned at home since March has led to me putting on nearly 2 stone due to me being a greedy, lazy bastard. So, it’s time to practice what I preach and shift some timber, otherwise how can I and anyone else reading this blog take me seriously.

Initial things I’d like to change:

  • Being able to wake up in the morning without desperately needing the toilet because of all the junk food and alcohol I’ve consumed the night before
  • Being able to put my socks on without being out of breath
  • Ditching alcohol for the whole of October
  • Writing a menu plan and actually sticking to it, instead of making endless lists, re-writing the lists, and then not sticking to the lists
  • More exercise – daily walks, eventually commencing and completing the ‘couch to 5K’ challenge

So, here’s my (not particularly exciting) menu for this week. I’ll hyperlink the recipes below that are already available on this blog, and I’ll be uploading those that aren’t in the coming weeks. In addition, I’ll regularly upload this page to be transparent about my progress.

Mon 28th Sept

Tue 29th Sept

Wed 30th Sept

Thur 1st Oct (football training 7.30-8.30pm)

  • Fruit & yoghurt
  • Prawn & chive omelette (Hairy Dieters 1 white)
  • Tagliatelle carbonara (Hairy Dieters 2 yellow)

Fri 2nd Oct

Sat 3rd  Oct

Sun 4th Oct (football 10am Winsford)

  • Biker breakfast muffins (Hairy Dieters 4 white)
  • Lemon chicken drumsticks with honey and rosemary (Gino kindle)
  • Gammon with white wine & broad beans (Gino online)